Accident Analysis specialises in the detailed analysis of SLIPS TRIPS and FALLS offering particular expertise in staircase and railing falls.

We are the foremost forensic movement analysis company in Australia, having successfully represented clients in the legal, insurance and sporting fields over many years. The unique integration and application of the sciences of applied anatomy and biomechanics permits the thorough and detailed interpretation, analysis and explanation of all manner of accidents, including sporting, aquatic, workplace and domestic accidents resulting in personal injury. We undertake investigations, and provide expert court testimony in all States of Australia. In addition, we advise on risk assessment and workplace safety procedures relative to structural geometry, surface textures and the human form.

Initial Contact from the client and the forwarding of documentation permits a preliminary assessment as to the viability of an investigation.

Accident Site Assessment is undertaken to photograph and provide precise measurement of all contiguous features prior to undertaking an analysis. Site assessments are made Australia-wide.

Proposal and Costing is forwarded to the client and includes recommendations as to the intended form and direction of the analysis and the report.

Laboratory Accident Reconstruction follows the client’s direction to proceed. The accident is reconstructed in the laboratory and in the field, with the derived empirical data used in the preparation of the report.

In-Situ Bioanimations are provided if the client requires additional graphic representation of the incident. Examples of bioanimation movies are seen below.


1. A helical staircase fall
  2. A collision between two bicycles
  3. A railing fall

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Accident analysis provides expert forensic analysis, research, reporting, and witness testimony for slips, trips and falls

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